25* May’s Birthday Wishes

1. May you be zest,

2. May you be blessed,

3. May you clear all your tests!

4. May this birthday bring all the more cheers,

5. May it take away all your tears!

6. May you do great-great things,

7. May success be always in your wings!

8. May your wisdom kick away all your scares,

9. May you remember that I’m always there!

10. May your dreams take a flight,

11. May your future be always bright!

12. May life keep you always happy,

13. May your pictures be always snappy!

14. May you get wonderful surprise,

15. May you become more smart and wise!

16. May you have plenty of Joy,

17. May you get a perfect boy!

18. May we get a chance to meet,

19. May you remember to always greet!

20. May you get a lot of gifts,

21. May you understand my uncanny drifts!

22. I am stupid, you are wise!

23. May you make a chance and get things right!

24. May this bring smile on your face,

25. May we remain a perfect ace!

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