Tomorrow X Together

Big Hit announced its new group and shared an introductory film to the act. The group’s name stands for “Tomorrow X Together,” and BigHit tells Billboard is to be read as “Tomorrow By Together,” as how it is written in Korean.  
The introduction film, titled “What Do you Do?” introduces the first member of TXT, Yeonjun. In the clip, he is seen playing around on his own in an arcade and computer cafe, and singing karaoke with a bear for company, as a bright rock and roll melody playing in the background. The video ends with a blank screen as Morse code is heard, which fans quickly decoded to translate into the word “Dreaming.”

BigHit also shared teaser images of Yeonjun, and launched the group’s official Twitter account, sharing the group’s futuristic logo.
Shortly after its release, terms like “Yeonjun,” “BigHit” and the hashtag #TOMORROW_X_Together began trending worldwide on Twitter.

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