Every congratulatory message had Rahul Dravid’s name in it

Rahul was the highest run-getter in the 1999 World Cup, but India bowed out in the Super-Six stage.
He then went to the next World Cup both as a batsman and wicket-keeper so that India can play an extra batsman. India did much better, but eventually lost to Australia in the Finals.

In the next World Cup, he was the captain and had high hopes of finally getting the Cup for India. It turned out to be the most painful World Cup for Indians as they were ousted in the group stage itself. That started his slow exit from the ODI Format.

After his retirement, he was considered for coaching the senior Indian Team, but instead, he preferred the Under-19 Team. Why? Because he doesn’t like being in the limelight and knows the importance of preparing and mentoring young cricketers, who will eventually play for India.
He coached the Under-19 team and they were utterly dominant en-route to the 2016 World Cup finals, losing not even a single match. Their every single win was bullish, but faltered in the finals against West Indies.
Before the 2018 Under-19 World Cup, he chose to coach the Under-19 guys again over a handsome-paying job of coaching an IPL Team to avoid any conflict-of-interest.

And finally, after again dominating all their World Cup 2018 matches, and winning all of them before the finals, the cup was theirs to lose. He said just one thing to his team – “Rishabh Pant made a silly mistake in the previous World Cup and that brought a collapse. I don’t want you guys to take it easy. You don’t want to regret.” And then, this bunch did what every other team dreamed of – Winning the finals.

While every congratulatory message had Rahul Dravid’s name in it.

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